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Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis is a specialized service offered by ManuscriptEdit, dedicated to helping clients derive meaningful insights from data through rigorous statistical methods and techniques. Whether it's for academic research, business decision-making, or scientific investigation, ManuscriptEdit's Statistical Analysis service provides comprehensive support throughout the data analysis process.

Data Preparation
Descriptive Statistics
Inferential Statistics
Main objective.
Primary and secondary endpoints.
Raw data in excel sheet.
Results using SPSS software.
Data analysis using the following methods (but not limited to them) as may be necessary depending on the research question being addressed:
Normality test
Parametric/non-parametric analysis
Student’s t-test/Mann-Whitney U test
Kruskal–Wallis H test/Anova
Pearson’s chi-square/ Fisher's exact test
Correlation analysis
Linear/logistic regression
Survival analysis
Cox regression
Construction of tables and graphs.
Interpretation of results.

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