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Meta Analysis

Meta Analysis

Meta-Analysis is a specialized service offered by MenuscriptEdit, focusing on synthesizing and analyzing data from multiple studies to derive more comprehensive and statistically significant conclusions. Meta-analysis is a powerful tool in evidence-based research, allowing researchers to pool data from individual studies to obtain a more precise

Protocol Development
Literature Search
Study Selection and Data Extraction
Quality Assessment
Interpretation and Reporting

What You Provide

Main objective/Research question/Hypothesis.
Inclusion/exclusion criteria.
Databases for collecting published article (optional).
Keywords for searching (optional).
Desired study period for collecting published articles.
One or two relevant paper(s) you want to discuss.
Suggest a target journal.

What We Provide

Study in compliance with PRISMA guidelines.
Designing search strategies.
Screening the databases with search-strings.
Assessment of risk of bias.
Data extraction.
Meta-analysis and interpretation of results.
Reporting pooled effect size.
Construction of tables and forest plots.
Writing the full article.
List of references.
Formatting according to the target journal guidelines (optional).

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Clients Reviews

At the beginning of my research works I faced a lot of obstacles including finding a correct journal to publish my researches in, English language edition and proofreading, response to reviewers, etc. Manuscriptedit had solved these problems for me...

Seerwan O. Hasan

M.B.Ch.B (University of Sulaimani/School of Medicine)

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding service of The ability to provide the resolution quickly exceeded my expectations. I want to take the time to acknowledge your contribution to my recent works.

Salma Aldallal

We are very thankful to you for your help in improving our manuscript! Without your help, we could not have published our reviews. We will continue to work and use your help. Please accept sincere gratitude from all the authors of the manuscript, good support.

Dr. Tatiana Yu. GAGKAEVA

All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection (VIZR), RUSSIA.

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