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Poster Design & Creation

Poster Design & Creation

In large conferences, you often have to communicate your research results through a single poster. Posters are an important method of communicating medical and scientific research. Unlike in an oral presentation, you are required to arrange the results in a condensed format.

But creating an effective poster can be challenging because you may have to squeeze your results from a year's worth of research onto a 3-by-5-foot sheet of paper. It is imperative that the posters are needed to be visually appealing to attract more attention. It requires very sound skills in design and layout of the contents with right Color combination to create a good poster. Sometimes it may be burdensome and difficult for you to create an effective poster because of want of time. We can help you in creating your poster. You can focus your time on your manuscript and we take all your burden of poster writing and designing.

Our editors and layout designers are highly experienced in arranging the contents of your manuscript in a condensed format into a visually appealing poster of different sizes as per your requirement. We provide you the electronic copy of the completed poster, which you can directly print.

Given below are the details of poster creation and design service at Manuscriptedit:

Choose or design template of desired size.
Select a suitable layout.
Decide headings, text boxes and graphic objects.
Formatting and typesetting text and figures.
Decide appropriate size of text and figures.
Optimize color combinations.

Our writers and editors regularly present papers and posters in academic conferences. You can simply provide your content and they will make attractive posters with professional look for you.

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Clients Reviews

At the beginning of my research works I faced a lot of obstacles including finding a correct journal to publish my researches in, English language edition and proofreading, response to reviewers, etc. Manuscriptedit had solved these problems for me...

Seerwan O. Hasan

M.B.Ch.B (University of Sulaimani/School of Medicine)

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding service of The ability to provide the resolution quickly exceeded my expectations. I want to take the time to acknowledge your contribution to my recent works.

Salma Aldallal

We are very thankful to you for your help in improving our manuscript! Without your help, we could not have published our reviews. We will continue to work and use your help. Please accept sincere gratitude from all the authors of the manuscript, good support.

Dr. Tatiana Yu. GAGKAEVA

All-Russian Institute of Plant Protection (VIZR), RUSSIA.

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