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Systematic Review

Systematic Review

A Systematic Review is a specialized service offered by ManuscriptEdit, dedicated to conducting comprehensive and methodical literature reviews to synthesize evidence on a specific research topic or question. Systematic reviews are crucial in evidence-based research, providing a rigorous and transparent approach to gather, evaluate, and summarize existing studies.

Protocol Development
Literature Search
Study Selection
Data Extraction
Quality Assessment

What You Provide

Main objective/Research question/Hypothesis.
Inclusion/exclusion criteria.
Databases for collecting published article (optional).
Keywords for searching (optional).
Desired study period for collecting published articles.
One or two relevant paper(s) you want to discuss.
Suggest a target journal.

What We Provide

Study in compliance with PRISMA guidelines.
Designing search strategies.
Screening the databases with search-strings.
Assessment of risk of bias.
Data extraction.
Meta-analysis and interpretation of results.
Reporting pooled effect size.
Construction of tables and forest plots.
Writing the full article.
List of references.
Formatting according to the target journal guidelines (optional).

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